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OCD therapist Christopher Evans, Licensed Therapist, LMFT #121510, Licensed OCD Therapist

Christopher Evans


Licensed Therapist, LMFT #121510

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As a therapist, I am focused on you. I prioritize making a connection and strengthening our relationship over the course of therapy. One of my primary goals is to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from getting what you need. We will create an individual treatment that works for you. Outside of work, I'm a very active person. I love being outside. I've been very much into mountain biking lately, even though I broke both my wrists in 2019. But I'm back on the bike—I've learned how to fall and how to react to things better.

As your OCD therapist, I'll create a safe space for you to talk about your thoughts. I want you to understand what we're doing at every point and why, both at the beginning and over the entire course of therapy.

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  • Magellan
  • Kaiser - Southern California Region
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  • Humana
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What our members say about
Christopher Evans


Mar 01, 2023

Better than my actual therapist! Thank you for hearing me out. Looking forward to the next session! Very understanding.


Feb 28, 2023

Our first session exceeded our expectations!


Feb 28, 2023

Christopher is great! My daughter is doing better with his help.


Feb 23, 2023

Christopher is great. He is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! My son shows a lot of improvement after working with him.


Feb 23, 2023

Topher is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! My son shows improvement after having a few sessions with him.


Feb 17, 2023

Had a great first session


Jan 30, 2023

Topher is one of the best therapists I’ve ever had. So understanding, relatable, compassionate, and just an all around nice guy!


Nov 16, 2022

Christopher is an excellent therapist, he is kind, funny and knowledgeable. Thank you!!


Oct 26, 2022

Topher provides therapeutic space during the session and I feel heard and understood


Oct 26, 2022

Topher really hears and sees what’s going on with you and seems to be very intuitive and empathetic.


Oct 14, 2022

Topher is amazing and has the ability to connect very well with my son.


Sep 30, 2022

Kyle appeared to voobect well with Christopher. Great first session!


Aug 08, 2022

Knowledgeable, professional, and respectful. He has made me feel comfortable about tackling my OCD without worrying about being asked to violate my religious boundaries. Just starting treatment but I'm looking forward to finding healing. And he is constantly asking great questions to make sure he understands exactly what I'm struggling with.


Aug 03, 2022

Great initial session with Topher.


Aug 01, 2022

I enjoyed my therapist a lot. He was funny and serious/understanding at the same time.

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