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OCD therapist Denissie Santana, Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Denissie Santana


Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC

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In session, I like to create a warm environment. I don't want you to feel intimidated by me just because I'm a professional. This is a collaborative process. I'm here to work with you, and it's important for you to be actively involved in the process. Outside of work, I love spending time with my dog. I help a foundation that raises money for dogs in foster care. I go on walks with the group and join events where I can be supportive.

OCD is a disorder that people don’t have much understanding about, but treatment can greatly improve the lives of people with it. I love helping people see the potential they have within themselves, along with the ability to put in the work and improve their lives.

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New Jersey
West Virginia

What our members say about
Denissie Santana


Feb 13, 2023

So personalized and communicates well with my 15y/o. Fantastic therapist!


Feb 02, 2023

We love Denissie…. My daughter is very comfortable with her and I like how she listens and works with us


Dec 29, 2022

Provides meaningful feedback


Dec 23, 2022

personalized suggestions that address our specific concerns


Dec 22, 2022

Very relatable to my teen!


Dec 13, 2022

My daughter feels very comfortable with Denissie. She is very nice and warm and understanding.


Dec 05, 2022

Relates to my daughter and puts thing in an easy friendly terms.


Dec 03, 2022

It was a successful meeting.


Oct 11, 2022

My therapist Denissie has been outstanding. She gave me the tools so I can manage my OCD myself and also thrive. Beyond being skilled at treating OCD, Denissie is empathetic and just an amazing listener. I took a chance signing up for NOCD, and so glad I did because I got a chance to have Denissie as my therapist. My immense gratitude goes out to her and NOCD. THANK YOU!


Aug 22, 2022

Denissie is an amazing therapist, and anybody who suffers from OCD would benefit from her sessions. I'm grateful to have gotten treatment from her.


Aug 18, 2022

I feel I'm getting better thanks to Denissie! I highly recommend her and the ERP process. Trust the process!


Aug 11, 2022

With every session I increasingly believe I will get better with Denissie's help. OCD is telling me this is reality and I will never get over this, but I am trusting her and trusting the process. She is a brilliant therapist and I highly recommend.


Aug 08, 2022

I’ve had several therapists but my current therapist Denissie is the best listener by far. She’s also strategic and empathetic. Excellent therapist.


Aug 01, 2022

Always so impressed with my therapist Denissie. One of the best listeners. And always keeps session on track. Very grateful for her.


Jul 31, 2022

Denissie is right. She's teaching me about my disorder. She doesn't appear shocked or disgusted by my awful intrusive thoughts and obsessions. I feel I'll get better with her support.


Jul 25, 2022

Denissie keeps the sessions focused and she’s an amazing listener who offers clear, sensitive and smart therapy. I really appreciate her expertise and non-judgmental approach.


Jul 18, 2022

My therapist Denissie runs each session so professionally, so thoughtfully. I really appreciate her.


Jul 13, 2022

Denissie also provided me with tools I’ve needed to enhance my therapy and gauge my progress.


Jul 11, 2022

My therapist is amazing listener. And I never feel judged with anything I share.


Jul 06, 2022

Denissie keeps every session on track & establishes goals for me each week. Excellent therapist


Jul 06, 2022

I did not feel alone when I began my first official exposure. My therapist is like a best friend who is determined to see me get better and will do whatever it takes from her expertise to make sure I'm getting EVERYTHING that I need from each session. She's the absolute best.


Jun 28, 2022

Super excited to begin ERP with Denissie. She is a great person to talk to and I am confident to overcome OCD thru the upcoming sessions.


Jun 22, 2022

I have been with NOCD for over 2 years now. I was one of their first patients. I went through a few therapists in the process. Some of which were very underwhelming. Very short and vague responses and I could get more from an Instagram post, but I'm paying for this. That being said the process and logistics of signing up and getting me switched was easy going. The customer service was very attentive and helpful. I'm with my current therapist and making some progress with her. Despite a few lacking therapists and rather high costs especially if your looking to do weekly hour sessions, this organization has helped me recover plain and simple. The app itself has so many useful tools and its super user friendly. The owner of NOCD seems to genuinely care about us and that says something.


Jun 21, 2022

I'm feeling great so far with Denissie as my therapist. I appreciate her feedback and how she conducted our initial session. She brought me a level of comfort.


Jun 05, 2022

Denissie is an energetic and helpful therapist


May 31, 2022

Very caring and helpful


May 22, 2022

Denissie is helping me feel hopeful that things will keep Improving for me.


May 15, 2022

Denissie is very helpful and is giving me hope that I can feel better.


May 08, 2022

Denissie is very kind and helpful!


Apr 16, 2022

Very happy with NOCD so far can’t wait to start my erp, nervous but optimistic :)

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