Christopher Eastman

Christopher Eastman

Licensed Therapist, MACP, LAC, LPC • (He/Him)

Colorado State University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been working as a therapist for almost 6 years now, doing private practice and in-home family therapy. In addition to being specialized in OCD treatment where I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, I have a background helping people overcome substance abuse, anxiety, depressions, and trauma. ERP is a structured and controlled method that allows me to work with who you are and your experiences to overcome your OCD.


About Me

My number one asset is that I pay attention to members. I listen, and look to find what underlies the discomfort that you’re going through. A genuine conversation about who you are and how you feel is invaluable to your progress. You’ll be met with a safe space that doesn’t feel forced; it’s more of an organic approach that gives you the freedom to share without judgement. We’ll work together to figure out what the best ERP exercises are for you. The intrusive thoughts, feelings, and urges that you’re having are normal; I have them as well from time to time. The difference is that yours are more consistent, persistent, and determined to be part of your life. I’m here to help you accept that fact, so once you leave treatment, they no longer create the fear, anxiety, debilitation that you’re experiencing.

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