Freedom Dowdy

Licensed OCD Therapist, ED, LPC

Argosy University

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My experience with treating OCD:

My 12 year career as a therapist had focused on different forms of mental illness, treating adolescents in transitional living programs and adults inside state hospitals. I began to notice more people having issues beyond depression and anxiety; specifically, they were describing symptoms of OCD. It's essential for everyone to receive the best available care, which is why I decided to learn Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. It's proven to work for any form of OCD, and now, I can treat more people in need.


About Me

OCD can take your life away. Dealing with intrusive thoughts forces you to change your world to accommodate them with compulsions that only bring temporary relief. I'll teach you how to resist those compulsions so you can live the life you want, without the anxiety tied to those intrusive thoughts. Members describe me as compassionate and understanding. I will create a non-judgemental space for you to feel comfortable in, so you can share your thoughts with full support. I will treat you like a human being, not like your diagnosis, and together, we'll bring you to a healthier state of well-being.

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