Alvaro Interiano

Alvaro Interiano

Licensed Therapist, LPC

Texas A&M, University of Houston

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been a licensed therapist for several years, and I know how OCD creates an intense struggle in your life. As your therapist, I’m here to learn about your experiences, and connect with you so that I become familiar with your struggles, anxiety, and most importantly, your journey. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy makes recovery possible because it shows a person how they can manage their OCD safely and on their own. ERP therapy is not an easy process, but it is an effective one. I’m here to bring recovery to those in need.


About Me

It's normal for people to build walls as a way to protect themselves from being hurt, but in moments of crisis, we may struggle to open up and share our thoughts and feelings. The idea of describing your intrusive thoughts can feel embarrassing or stressful - or maybe both - but part of recovery is realizing that everyone has intrusive thoughts from time to time. Facing your fears is going to be an essential part of getting better. You'll find me non-judgmental, reassuring, trustworthy, and calm. I will create a space for you to build courage. I used to think I would have courage when I had no fear, but I was wrong. Courage is action with fear, so it's okay to be afraid. That's part of living with OCD. The thoughts may never go away, but you can learn to live a joyful life despite them.

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