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OCD therapist Sara Hotrum, Licensed Therapist, LMSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Sara Hotrum


Licensed Therapist, LMSW

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As someone with anxiety, I know how intense and scary it feels. I approach treatment with empathy and compassion for the member’s experience. I love witnessing breakthroughs with my members and celebrating growth. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my kids and pets, read, and play video games. Zelda is my favorite!

I wanted to become a therapist to help other people like me.

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What our members say about
Sara Hotrum


Jul 19, 2023

My therapist was okay, but I did not like the scripted therapy sessions. This whole program is way too “cookie cutter” for my taste. Mental health cannot be compartmentalized and therapy requires a lot of intuition, listening, and way more empathy and compassion than was exhibited. This program is geared toward people without serious underlying trauma who are entirely impatient with the process of improving their mental health. It is expensive and profit-driven. I am 57 years old, was misdiagnosed with BPD when I was in my early 30’s, over-medicated, and my trauma did not begin to resolve until earlier this year, when my highly-educated cognitive therapist began having multiple intensive sessions with me. His research into, and experience with, my condition allowed me to make significant strides. And I received the proper diagnosis - PTSD with single-personality dissociation. This was a process that NOCD is completely incapable of grasping. My 29 year old daughter, who suffered her own trauma in the same home, had recommended NOCD to me. She had felt she’d been making strides in her own condition, but then the therapist “followed the script” and actually insisted she do something that was incredibly harmful to her. At that point, she realized what was happening, ended her connection with NOCD and sought appropriate care. Fortunately, she has recovered from your error. I would not recommend NOCD to anyone in need of mental health treatment. Serious mental health issues should always be treated by appropriately educated, trained, and experienced mental health professionals - not social workers. And not through apps and social media. Get over yourself and enlist people who actually know what they’re doing. Do not advertise that you help people when you do more harm than good.


Jun 26, 2023

Even though my daughter wasn't able to participate well and was overcome with emotion, our therapist helped her feel heard and pointed us forward


Jun 15, 2023

Sara is a lovely therapist and is has helped me a great deal. Nonjudgmental, kind and caring. Would definitely recommend Sara.


Jun 12, 2023

Was gracious and gave my daughter space as she worked on hard things


Mar 28, 2023

Sara was very kind


Mar 06, 2023

Sara is the first female therapist that I’ve seen in decades. I generally relate better to men. However, she is “real,” not overdone, not obnoxiously feminine. That is meant as a compliment.

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