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OCD therapist Ross Zellner, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Ross Zellner


Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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I have seen the effectiveness of ERP therapy for quite some time, so being able to provide you with ERP tools means a lot to me. You’ll learn to take care of your OCD whenever it rises without using compulsions to relieve anxiety. My approach to treatment is to go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. My goal is to train you so well, and give you the everyday skills you need to combat OCD, that you no longer need me as your therapist. I look to build a rapport quickly so you can feel more at ease when you share your OCD experiences with me. But if you’re not ready to share, I won’t push you. I’ve been told that I am very empathetic and understanding. I’m eager to see you improve, but not at the expense of making you feel uncomfortable.

I understand how difficult it can be to start treatment but I'm really glad you're here.

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What our members say about
Ross Zellner


Sep 29, 2023

Ross is a Godsend. I am so thankful for him working with me and guiding me through developing a hierarchy and doing exposures. He is super clear in his instructions — and in answering my convoluted, over-thought questions. He is also very empathetic and understands the sometimes very illogical things my OCD does. He helps me feel seen and less alone.


Jul 19, 2023

I've had a good experience with my treatment here and with my therapist. I like that the therapists here aren't judgmental.


Jul 18, 2023

I always see things on tic tok saying this program or app will change your life. Never really found help with hoarding and OCD until I found this app. I was so happy I did . Not only was I lucky that my insurance covered the therapy, but the therapists was great. Having appointments and live session helped walk me through things and made me feel accountable. I know having someone watch me did have me anxious, but he was so calm and patient with me and did not rush me. The app itself was great because of the support groups and other resources available right in the palm of your hand. Amazing and this is a must have.


Jul 14, 2023

Best therapist I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot.


Jul 14, 2023

Was very patient with me considering I’m very unorganized and overwhelmed.


May 18, 2023

He really knows alot about OCD and trust that he can help me.


Apr 17, 2023

Very helpful practical tools!


Apr 03, 2023

I believe Ross listened and was understanding.


Mar 31, 2023

The therapist was very patient, kind and clear.


Jan 13, 2023

Best therapist I have ever had. I feel so understood. Highly recommend.


Jan 10, 2023

Was great with my 6 year-old daughter


Jan 06, 2023

Very understanding person.


Dec 09, 2022

Thank you Ross!


Oct 30, 2022

Ross is so on top of managing my son’s OCD. We are consistently impressed with the treatment he offers weekly.


Oct 11, 2022

Ross is incredibly supportive and knows how to manage the right amount of “uncomfortable” with exposures in order to make progress.


Oct 07, 2022

I have made so many improvements Ross has helped and continues to help so much with my recovery :)


Sep 03, 2022

Ross always makes me feel seen and heard -REALLY heard He is empathetic He makes me feel that there IS hope and that I am NOT alone and that's HUGE for me!


Aug 16, 2022

Ross is amazing. He has a great understanding of OCD and how to outsmart it. I trust him completely, which is absolutely critical for me. I’ve told him things that I haven’t told anyone else. I’m grateful to have found him through NOCD!


Jul 28, 2022

We are starting exposure therapy. I am noticing that things I have done all of my life and that I thought were just normal, or that I just had different habits were actually the early indications of the OCD. I am on a journey of self discovery.


Jul 12, 2022

He was very patient and made me feel really comfortable. I am looking forward to beginning our sessions!


Jun 28, 2022

I was really nervous about starting treatment for my ocd. My therapist made me feel not so alone in that he completely understood the fear I am experiencing. I trust that I can go forward at a manageable pace now.


Jun 20, 2022

Ross is great! I couldn't have asked for a better therapist! He genuinely cares and pushes me/motivates me.to keep fighting; to keep going! I'm grateful for him!


Jun 03, 2022

Ross is awesome! He is empathetic and understanding. I never feel judged but rather safer each time I have a session with him. I am starting to truly open up and share thoughts/obsessions with him because i know he will not judge me but rather be supportive! I'm glad i am working with Ross as my therapist


May 13, 2022

My therapist is very fun, kind, and helpful. He is also very patient with my daughter. My daughter and her therapist made very good progress and now she is smiling all the time and especially when they meet with each other.


Apr 29, 2022

Ross Zellner was empathetic, understanding, and respectful! For once I actually felt like i am on my way to designing an action plan to tackle OCD that may actually work! Ross reassured me that i CAN beat this though it will take work and effort from me. But knowing that i will not do this all alone but rather i have someone that actually understands me, helping me fight, is TRULY encouraging and gave me hope!


Apr 26, 2022

Ross Zellner is really helping my 8 year old son with his OCD and tics! The therapy is such a Godsend


Apr 19, 2022

Ross has been the most effective and amazing therapist I have had in over 15 years! I am so looking forward to the future!


Apr 14, 2022

Great great session


Apr 12, 2022

He was amazing was nice to know he can truly understand what my illness can affect me by him himself dealing with it in life before. So speaking to him and his suggestions snd understanding me felt so genuine because he truly understood! Looking forward to our sessions!


Mar 22, 2022

Ross Zelner great therapist


Mar 17, 2022

Ross Zellner is so helpful and my 8 year old son feels safe talking with him :)


Mar 10, 2022

Ross is amazing, insightful, and able to deeply connect with my son in ways I couldn’t about his “worry problems”


Feb 28, 2022

Ross is so good at working with and being compassionate towards my eight year old son


Feb 10, 2022

Ross always provides helpful insights and skills to move forward with this frustrating disorder.


Feb 03, 2022

I feel like he's really confident when it comes to OCD specifically and I feel like he asked questions that really allowed him to understand me quickly. Overall I had a great first session and I'm really excited to continue the treatment


Dec 17, 2021

Ross is such a great fit for my teen. He is kind, understanding, but also firm when needed. My teen responds very well to Ross and is finally making some progress.


Dec 15, 2021

So grateful to have found Ross for my teenage son. Ross has made all the difference in dealing with the obsessions and ensuing compulsions. Seriously, life changing. Plus, my son likes talking to Ross- he feels comfortable with him.

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