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OCD therapist Nichelle Wiggins, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Nichelle Wiggins


Licensed Therapist, LPC

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I believe that mental health is so under-addressed. It's part of all our lives. I've worked as a therapist in school settings, on in-home family therapy, and in hospitals. Now I work with OCD because the treatment is so effective. I've seen people transform their lives.

OCD treatment gives you the tools for accepting uncertainty, and the concept of radical acceptance: being able to push through, do things that you’re scared of, and realize that you can handle it, despite not knowing what's coming next.

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New Jersey

What our members say about
Nichelle Wiggins


May 24, 2023

She has helped me to make many positive changes in regards to living with my OCD.


Apr 18, 2023

Made me feel comfortable.


Mar 09, 2023

Nichelle was amazing, truly. I felt like it was a safe space to discuss things that I’ve never discussed with anyone else.


Dec 14, 2022

There was something I messaged my therapist about that I wanted to discuss. She was a good listener and responsive when appropriate without giving me the much needed reassurance I desire (that “helps” me know if I am doing the right thing or not). She helped with a response prevention for that scenario and related it to my case


Dec 13, 2022

Love Nichelle! She’s attentive & funny & really gave me a lot of tips on how to cope with my OCD! I always look forward to our sessions!


Dec 03, 2022

She is the best therapist I ever had she was understanding and helped me a lot


Dec 01, 2022

Nichelle is lovely


Nov 23, 2022

Is kind and relatable. Reminds me when I’m engaging with ocd thoughts and what to do instead.


Oct 12, 2022

Nichelle is awesome! Gave me time to speak and listened to all my concerns


Oct 11, 2022

Nichelle completely understands my OCD and what I must do to get well. She makes me feel so at ease


Sep 30, 2022

Gave me new knowledge and skills


Sep 30, 2022

Nichelle is super nice! She was patient and listened to me, especially as I talked a lot. We had commonality in where we went to school, our faith, and the general location we live in. I feel comfortable with her and so far see that she is well informed in recognizing and treating ocd


Sep 26, 2022

Really comfortable with my therapist


Sep 01, 2022

Real breakthrough. Thank goodness for you patience.


Aug 30, 2022

Things are starting to make sense to Tyler.


Aug 29, 2022

Felt so comfortable with Nichelle. She puts me so at ease and makes me realise that all I have is OCD!


Jul 07, 2022

Nichelle was friendly and I felt that she was invested in me from the start. I felt that she was genuinely interested and willing to help me continue to get better.


Jul 06, 2022

I really enjoyed my first session. I love how she explains everything.


Jun 16, 2022

Nichelle is amazing. I feel so confident that I will get much better with her support!


Feb 09, 2022

She is a very nice lady!


Feb 07, 2022

Nichelle is really perceptive and makes me feel heard. The treatment is kind of scary, but it already feels like it's helping


Feb 03, 2022

Never had a better therapist in my 19 years with the disorder.

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