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OCD therapist Clare Kain, Licensed Therapist, LPC, ATR, Licensed OCD Therapist

Clare Kain

Licensed Therapist, LPC, ATR

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In therapy, I am focused on your agenda: What do you want to accomplish? I'll provide compassion—and help develop self-compassion—along the way. Beyond therapy, I have a bird named Velvet Sprinkles, and one of my favorite things to do is to walk around and take in the different architectural styles of New Orleans.

There is hope. If you come in with an open mind, and you give the process enough time and patience, in a number of weeks you could have an entirely different perspective on yourself, your symptoms, and your life.

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What our members say about
Clare Kain


May 02, 2023

I just keep feeling so much more in control, motivated, and comfortable living with and managing OCD. Clare is the bomb!


May 01, 2023

Clare is great, she shows compassion and she is good at reminding me to get back to being productive when I get side tracked during sessions.


Apr 18, 2023

Working with Clare has been a tremendous help. It's a huge relief to work with someone who understands OCD so well and knows how to assist in building a framework for dealing with it.


Mar 27, 2023

Right away, Clare very capably helped me develop a manageable plan to start mitigating the effect OCD has on my life. We just completed our third session and I’m already starting to see how this will work long term. I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a really long time.


Feb 21, 2023

I was worried that i wouldn’t be “diagnosed” with OCD and receive no treatment option. Clare was very willing and ready to get a plan together! Looking forward to working with her again!


Feb 21, 2023

Clair Kain is incredible to work with and very helpful


Dec 08, 2022

Today was rough. Amazing job Clare! I broke through some processing barriers.


Dec 05, 2022

Clare is the best , truly a God Send


Sep 14, 2022

She was the best, she listened, cared, and explained everything in detail. Im excited to work with her. I know its going to be alot of work but im hopeful i will get the help i need.


Aug 22, 2022

Amazing listener and great at directing sessions. Can’t wait for future sessions.


Aug 17, 2022

Clare really is amazing. She is comforting and great at directing the sessions.


Jul 13, 2022

Claire is very skillful at listening to my experiences and helping me correlate the common triggers. It feels good to be seen without judgement.


Jun 21, 2022

Clare has been an outstanding therapist since day 1. She actively listens, understands my perspective,and provides a plan of action that is always productive and helpful


Apr 04, 2022

I felt very comfortable


Mar 31, 2022

Take the step. Make the call and do the initial apppintment. It's worth it. Best of luck to all.


Mar 01, 2022

Clare was awesome


Feb 23, 2022

Clare really listens to my fears and concerns and I feel validated!


Feb 10, 2022

Great start. Look forward to continuing


Feb 02, 2022

Clare is always amazing! She’s an incredibly active listener- so attentive to details and always remembers our previous conversation topics. She’s helped me challenge and manage my OCD in ways I never thought possible. Her problem solving is always creative and relevant, and challenges me while still being manageable. I feel so valued and respected by her. I can’t thank her nearly enough!


Dec 07, 2021

Clare was awesome! She handled our first session beautifully as she listened to my story! Thank you.

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