Jeffrey Pincin

Jeffrey Pincin

Licensed Therapist, LPC, LPCMH, NCC • (He/Him)

Wilmington University

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My experience with treating OCD:

Growing up, I hid my OCD obsessions out of embarrassment, but I’ve learned that with the right treatment, you don’t have to live that way. I’ve been a licensed therapist since 2017, earning a Master’s Degree at Wilmington University. I only use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, because it’s clinically proven to help people recover from OCD. One of my biggest joys is helping others take that first step in ERP that leads to getting their life back.


About Me

It’s common to have unusual thoughts, but if you have OCD, you have persistent, unwanted thoughts that interrupt your life. You may have even committed to behaviors that you never used to do, that you must perform to avoid great distress. I’m here to help you turn things around. I’ve been lucky to work with great people who’ve told me that I’m a passionate person, dedicated, and easy to work with. People I’ve treated have been hard-working and resilient, which you need to be because ERP is not easy. But ERP is what you need to help you get back the life you want to live, and you won’t be alone - we’re in it together.

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What our members say about
Jeffrey Pincin


Feb 01, 2021

I almost cried. Never before have my concerns felt so validated and supported. As a young single guy with OCD, life can be pretty hard so it was nice to know there is someone to help me fight back.


Feb 02, 2021

My therapist Jeffery has been so helpful and informative, to see a light at the other end of the tunnel is life changing ! Thank you Jeffrey and NOCD


Aug 13, 2021

Jeff is an amazing Therapist and I’m so grateful he has helped me to get this far so quickly!


Oct 06, 2021

My therapist Jeff, was great. He was empathetic and it was the first time I could tell someone about my thoughts and compulsions that truly understands.


Oct 20, 2021

Today I met with my therapist Jeff and it was very easy to talk with him. This is a new journey for me, and it was helpful knowing he knows firsthand how I am feeling.

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