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OCD therapist Jeffrey Pincin, Licensed Therapist, LPCMH, NCC , Licensed OCD Therapist

Jeffrey Pincin


Licensed Therapist, LPCMH, NCC

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When I was younger, I dealt with obsessions and compulsions and just thought I was 'weird' or 'quirky.' It feels very personal to be able to provide OCD therapy and help people take back their lives. In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking and making things.

Even when challenging the obsessions is difficult—and it will be—you will get your life back in big ways, every time you don't do what the anxiety and fear are urging you to do. Every time you decide not to do compulsions, you gain more of your life back.

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What our members say about
Jeffrey Pincin


Aug 03, 2023

I switched to a new therapist, because my old one left no CD. And I was very concerned but my new service has been an excellent fit. He does a great job.


May 01, 2023

like methodical but in a good way?


Nov 14, 2022

Jeff has been outstanding


Aug 19, 2022

Best therapist ive ever had


Jun 30, 2022

Jeff has been absolutely amazing. He has great rapport with my 7-yr old, and I'm just amazed at how willing my son is to share things with him. It's generally so hard to find an OCD therapist, and I'm just thrilled with the expertise Jeff clearly has. And we had no local OCD therapists available, so NOCD really filled a gap for us.


Apr 13, 2022

Completed my first erp today, it wasnt comfortable but wasnt as scary as i thought it would be. Altogether it went really well, he was really understanding and patient and didnt judge me with nothing nor gave me reassurance but at the same time helped me understand uncertainty and how its everywhere no matter what .


Apr 05, 2022

All of the above, he listened to me and understood. I actually felt heard like my ocd diagnosis was validated

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