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OCD therapist Tamara Harrison, Licensed Therapist, MA, LMHC, CMHS, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tamara Harrison


Licensed Therapist, MA, LMHC, CMHS

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I have a personal history of OCD and am passionate about helping other people. I'm a very flexible, compassionate therapist. We will roll with the punches together in session. When I'm not working, I'm an avid hiker and am learning to ski and play the violin. Believe it or not, my little chihuahua has been diagnosed with the canine version of OCD and is going through treatment—it's a real thing!

I love the treatment model for OCD: it’s something I have personal experience with, and I'm passionate about helping people get better. I know you’re motivated to get better, because this condition can be so debilitating. If you’re patient with yourself, you can overcome OCD.

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Tamara Harrison


Jun 23, 2022

I was hit with the overwhelming that something was wrong two years ago, and I truly had no idea what was going on. I spent over 5 months searching the internet and literally, obsessing, about what could possibly be going on. It was a twist of fate that I found an article written on OCD, and I felt like the answers to my problem had been solved. Little did I know, it wasn't a quick fix and it would be a daily battle that could go from an all out war in my mind, to a manageable argument. Life would look VERY different for me right know had it not been for NOCD and my experience with my fantastic therapist, Tamara Harrison. I was able to move abroad, start a new job in a different country, finish a masters, and begin a long-awaited relationship with the love of my life. I give thanks to the tips, tricks, advice, and most important STRENGTH, that NOCD and the entire community has given me. THANK YOU!


Apr 21, 2022

My therapist does a great job at making me feel heard and like what I’m saying matters and is important. She also does a great job at pivoting to what I’m saying and helping me identify what it is I actually need, or the root of what I need to work on. Nothing ever feels dumb or silly, she is open and ready to hear anything I have to say.

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