Allen Liao

Allen Liao

Licensed Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, PhD • (He/Him/His)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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My experience with treating OCD:

Before joining NOCD, I worked at a treatment and coaching program in Los Angeles that focused on helping people deal with OCD, which was my first introduction to Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. Since receiving my practicing license, I’ve been working specifically with OCD cases. It’s great to see people’s courage develop as they get better using ERP. It’s an incredibly effective treatment for OCD, and I can’t wait to work with you and help you get better.


About Me

Intrusive thoughts can feel like they’ve taken control of your life, dictating when you need to deal with the anxiety that they cause. You avoid doing the things you love to do and seeing the people you love the most. But you can get control of your life back from OCD. It just takes a little work to get your life back, and you can do that with ERP. I had OCD tendencies growing up. I know what it’s like to have OCD-related anxiety and compulsions. You’ll find me to be genuine and authentic that understands the science of OCD but can be personable during sessions. Let’s work together to help you overcome your OCD.

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Allen Liao


Mar 23, 2021

Dr. Allen has been a truly empowering ERP mentor to my son, who sees Allen as an empathic coach—he doesn’t want to let Dr. Allen down, and thus has taken on more challenging ERP tasks.

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