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OCD therapist Jessica Oliver, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jessica Oliver


Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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In therapy, I will meet you where you're at. I will provide the encouragement and support you need to work through those hard situations, even when anxiety makes you want to quit. My experience and specialities are unique, and I've worked with people from many different backgrounds. I run a non-profit mental health facility that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating horses to work alongside veterans and first responders in overcoming trauma they have experienced. My ranch and children take up most of my free time, and I enjoy spending that time with my animals.

As someone who struggles with my own OCD, I know that therapy can be hard and scary. But it can provide a pathway to a life you didn’t know was possible. It helped me take my life back.

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What our members say about
Jessica Oliver


Dec 07, 2023

Jessica is super supportive and I'm grateful for our work together. She has helped me grow immensely through this OCD journey.


Nov 13, 2023

Jessica has really help me understand that intrusive thoughts are simply thoughts and they don't require my attention. She has also helped me have a more positive outlook on life. I'm very grateful.


Oct 31, 2023

I think I’ve been doing better compared to where I was mentally when I just started meeting with my NOCD therapist.


Oct 13, 2023

Jessica seems like a very down to earth woman, whom is willing to listen and help me without making me feel judged. I feel in my soul that she is going to be able to help me manage my ocd battle.


Sep 05, 2023

Jessica Oliver goes above and beyond!


Aug 31, 2023

Jessica is really helping me accept uncertainty whereas before I hadn't given myself permission to do so.


Aug 07, 2023

I feel I’m making progress thanks to Jessica’s help and look forward to future sessions


Aug 02, 2023

Jessica is great - very glad to have her as my therapist


Jul 26, 2023

I felt at ease with Jessica from very early on. I think she’ll be able to help me get my OCD more under control


Jul 25, 2023

Jessica was very helpful in walking me through my assessment. Her experience with trauma and OCD made it feel very safe and normal for me to be able to describe the details of what I’m walking through and I’m excited to see where therapy will lead!


Jul 16, 2023

Jessica always comes through for me and keeps me hopeful that I can beat my OCD.


Jul 09, 2023

Jessica always helps me feel a bit more grounded with dealing with my OCD and combatting it.


May 30, 2023

Jessica is awesome!


May 21, 2023

Jessica is amazing! She always makes the effort to emphasize the importance of resisting my compulsions and I’m able to feel seen and heard in every session we have.


Apr 05, 2023

making great progress!


Apr 03, 2023

just completed my 2nd session with Jessica. She gets what it's all about and I feel safe with her.


Apr 02, 2023

Very empathetic and I feel confident she’ll be able to help me get through this with results!


Mar 28, 2023

Jessica is an awesome therapist!


Mar 26, 2023

Jessica is very patient and kind and she always knows what to say and how to say it.


Feb 20, 2023

Jessica is amazing!! I could not have asked for a better specialist! She is calming and listens to me thoroughly. I feel seen and heard by her and I am so grateful for NOCD.

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