Bianca Simmons

Bianca Simmons

Licensed Therapist, LPC • (She/Her)

Trinity University, University of Houston at Clear Lake

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My experience with treating OCD:

For the past 6 years, I have worked as a therapist at the OCD Institute and McLean Hospital in Houston, Texas. I’ve held a private practice where I primarily treated OCD but also helped people overcome their trauma, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse struggles. With my years of experience in treating OCD, and using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, I can show you how to let go of your obsessive thoughts and manage your OCD in a relatively short amount of time.


About Me

I understand that opening up about your OCD can feel stressful, or even bring on feelings of shame or even fear. You’ll be met with respect and non-judgment during our time, and I’ll work to make sure you feel comfortable so you can open up freely about what’s going on in your life I have my own experience in seeking treatment, and my therapist was a huge help in helping me overcome my own challenges so I understand how important it is to feel safe and be heard. My own experiences with therapists are what motivated me to become a therapist. Therapy can be scary, and I have no problem sharing stories of facing fears to get you prepared for facing your own. Our time is your time; you drive our sessions as I act as your guide on your new road to recovery.

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Bianca Simmons


Nov 09, 2021

Bianca has wonderful energy and is as excited about our sessions as I am.

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