Ashley Berg

Ashley Berg

Licensed Therapist, LMFT • (She/Her)

Bethany University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been a therapist for over 10 years helping residents overcome mental health challenges, and now I specialize in OCD. I’ve worked in emergency rooms and community mental health facilities treating eating and other disorders. I also specialize in crisis intervention, specifically with the military and law enforcement. When it comes to treating OCD, I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy which has been proven to be effective in OCD treatment for all subtypes. I feel you can greatly benefit from ERP.


About Me

I started out working in elementary schools as a psychologist and moved into family therapy. I also have experience in seeking guidance due to my battle for OCD. Understanding what treatment is like from both sides has made me a better therapist. OCD is just a part of you trying to keep you safe but has become obsessive. This is why I want to treat you as a whole person, not just one aspect of you. There’s more to you than just your symptoms. During our time, we will not put shame on your experiences but instead, we will explore them so I can guide you down the right path of healing. I’ve been told that speaking to me is like speaking to a dear friend. Think of me as a passenger on your journey that helps to point the way to better health and healing.

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What our members say about
Ashley Berg


Sep 22, 2021

Amazing therapist!!! I opened up to basically everything on first day. She completely understood me, was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I'm excited to take the next steps with her to conquer this OCD!


Sep 28, 2021

Ashley was very loving and compassionate, but didn't offer too much reassurance. She also seemed very sure of herself and confident and gave me some really good suggestions about our first exposure and suggested that I do the exposure with her during our therapy session. It was a really great suggestion. She told me how we were going to do our first exposure, she was really good at breaking it down into manageable pieces.

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