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My OCD Journey

Something that has helped me along the way is no matter the content of the intrusive thought/feeling, I will ask myself “and then what”....you see, the story must go on. Play it out. Play out the worst case scenario. And then what happens… it always comes back to I just don’t like how it feels, and we know that life will go on.

Stacy Quick, LPC

  • Harm OCD, Scrupulosity, Checking

    Out of the Darkness


    OCD is a jerk of a disorder that goes after the things you value most: family, work, kids, safety, and responsibility. That is my list, but the list is different for everyone. I have learned that it attacks the things you value and hold dear to your heart.

  • Checking, Intrusive Images, Harm

    I Hate OCD


    In spite of all the progress I have made throughout treatment, I still love to hate ERP. I still see ERP as scary. Even after all of these years, I do not like it. I look at it as if the rewards are worth it. I refuse to let any mental illness stop me from my future. I hope to continue to be an advocate and a voice in my community and field for anyone who experiences any form of mental health issues. The more I speak up and raise awareness, my hope is that more people will feel safe getting the help they need.

  • Pedophilia OCD, Zoophilia OCD, Emotional Contamination

    Shame On You


    I could not get everything clean enough. Someone else in my home may have touched this or that and then that. It was an endless and exhausting process that lasted years. The amount of stress that I felt cannot even be put into words. I was full of shame at my core. I had no one I could tell about this. I knew how strange it all was, I knew logically that it didn’t make sense and yet I FELT so deeply that if I could just get it clean enough that it would all go away. My life wasn’t my own.

  • Health OCD, Superstition, Harm OCD

    Overcoming Obstacles

    Mike Griffiths

    I felt like I was a puppet and something else was controlling my mind. My entire life people had taught me to “trust your gut”, this played into my obsessions. I started engaging in magical thinking. I believed that certain thoughts, actions, and words could somehow manipulate the physical world.

  • Pedophilia Themed OCD, Health Theme, Harm Theme

    POCD Recovery is Possible


    It's important to remember that OCD is not curable but it is very much treatable. That is what I mean when I say that you can live in recovery. You can live a life that you love and cherish. For me, recognizing that this is a lifelong struggle is important. This helps me to remember that my brain works a little differently, and that's okay.

  • Harm OCD, Existential, Religious

    Victory Through OCD

    Shelby Parker

    There came this moment of clarity for me. I had enough. My thoughts are not reality. Would I choose to pay more attention to the turmoil in my mind or my life that was happening right in front of me? I felt this defiance and resilience rise up within me because I was sick of living this way.

  • Suicidal OCD, Scrupulosity, Just-Right

    Walls or Windows?: Glimpsing the Good from Inside the Grip of OCD

    Maria A.G.

    My experience with OCD has rooted me in hope, for I have learned that my struggles need not be opaque walls or echo chambers of pain. OCD does not have the final word in my story.

  • Doubt, Harm OCD, Postpartum OCD

    Living, No, Thriving with Uncertainty


    Growing up I never heard about OCD other than when people made comments about “being so OCD”. Looking back I truly wish I would have known about it and I could have started therapy sooner. People around me just chalked up my behaviors to my personality. I think that happens a lot, even in today’s society. People tend to think of OCD in a certain way not realizing there are so many forms .

  • Depersonalization, Existential, Contamination

    ERP Helped Me Find Acceptance

    Kristi Crowell

    I was constantly embarking on quests for certainty.I have had various themes or subtypes over the years but I didn’t present in the stereotypical way that the media portrays OCD. The content of my thoughts was so terrifying to me that I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone.

  • ROCD, Health OCD, Sensorimotor OCD

    When Your Fear Comes True

    Jesse Miller

    It was at this crucial turning point in my life that NOCD therapy helped me the most. One of my fears had become a real life event.  It happened, my marriage fell apart. It was then that it all clicked. I realized that recovery from OCD was never supposed to stop our “what ifs” from happening, it was supposed to help us cope if they did happen. I knew that I could tolerate these feelings of discomfort and anxiety, I knew I

  • Contamination, Just-Right, Harm OCD

    Reclaiming Life, One Exposure at a Time

    Pamela Charbonneau

    I’d spent a lot of my childhood frozen as my mind raced and I cried so often as I tried to understand what was wrong with me. I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone...

  • Dermatillomania, Harm OCD, Postpartum OCD

    From Mental Prison to Recovery

    Betty Ray

    OCD has latched onto many themes throughout my journey. I had health themes where I was scared that I would contract aids or that I had it already. I had contamination fears where I was scared of germs and being unclean. 

  • Trichotillomania, Perfectionism, Moral Scrupulosity

    My Struggles with OCD and Trichotillomania


    I knew ERP worked, after all, it helped me so much in the past. I knew I just needed to put the difficult work in and keep forging ahead.

  • Emetophobia, Harm OCD, Health OCD

    It Was More Than A Phobia


    I always thought that if I didn’t feel like I wanted to do something, leave the house, or do something that I had maybe previously enjoyed doing, it was me making that choice. Now I can clearly decipher the difference between me wanting or not wanting to do something versus the OCD telling me I shouldn’t do something. I don’t need to let OCD run my life...

  • Pure O, Harm OCD, Religion

    Finding Purpose


    Seemingly overnight, these thoughts became more and more intense. I was consumed with guilt over them. It snowballed into experiencing unwanted thoughts about harming my family; the people that I loved the most in the world. I knew I had to tell my wife. I needed to seek help.

  • Uncertainty, Perfectionism, Scrupulosity

    The Freedom of Uncertainty

    Tia Wilson

    The uncertainty I’d spent my whole life running from now feels exciting and liberating. I don’t need to know “for sure” before I move my feet. I GET TO MAKE MISTAKES. And that’s horrible and amazing all at the same time.

  • Religion, Harm, Superstitious

    Religion, Harm and Superstitions: My Descent into OCD


    My family was surprised when they learned of my OCD diagnosis, I didn’t have the stereotypical signs of OCD. I didn’t wash my hands for countless hours, I wasn’t someone who was super organized. To look at me, you would not suspect all of the turmoil that went on in my mind. This is one of the most frustrating parts of this disorder, people do not often understand the mental compulsions. Many people just see the physical compulsions and don’t really understand the “why” behind the compulsions. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as mental compulsions.

  • Moral Scrupulosity, Mom, Just Right

    Learning to live with OCD

    Mollie Albanese

    I don’t remember a life before my OCD showed up, as some of my earliest memories involve (what I now know are) obsessions and compulsions. I remember being early school-age and feeling different from everyone else around me.

  • Pure O

    My Experience with OCD

    Stephen Smith, NOCD CEO

    My life was going great. I was an award-winning college quarterback with a bright future ahead of me. But then OCD came out of nowhere and derailed everything.

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