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OCD therapist Carly Samach, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Carly Samach


Licensed Therapist, LMHC

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In therapy, this is your space. I'm a guest coming into your story. I use my background in expressive therapy to ensure that our work is based on collaboration and creativity. Outside of work, I play piano and love trying new music scenes. That's a big part of my life.

This is brave work. But it's fulfilling work too. This will be a challenge, but it will also entail new insights and new spaces in your life that maybe you thought you'd never return to.

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New York

What our members say about
Carly Samach


Mar 13, 2023

Carly understands my child and her motivations and works consistently towards determining the best methods to ensure her ERP is successful.


Jan 23, 2023

Carly seems like she will be a very good fit for my daughter. She was very kind, patient, friendly, and made my daughter feel seen and heard. We’re looking forward to the upcoming sessions.


Jan 20, 2023

Carly is amazing.


Dec 22, 2022

Carly is amazing and making me Overcome my anxiety and ocd a session at a time I’m very thankful for her!


Nov 29, 2022

Carly is very helpful as always. I’m very grateful to her for all the support. I feel very lucky to have her as my therapist.


Oct 24, 2022

Carly is really amazing


Sep 16, 2022

Carly was very helpful as always and I’m forever grateful to her.


Aug 17, 2022

Due to external reasons out of our control, this is my session with Carly for a while. Really enjoyed working with her and she has helped me so much. I truly appreciate all that she has done and NOCD as a platform too.


Aug 05, 2022

Carly is great!


Jul 15, 2022

Carly is wonderful. I can feel that she is genuinely interested in helping me meet my goals. Her insight and expertise make me believe it is possible.


Jun 27, 2022

my therapist is wonderful! amazing customer service, user friendly website, app and overall setup— it goes on!!! ERP has changed my life for the better. THANK YOU NOCD!


May 24, 2022

Carly is awesome! Very professional, warm and kind. Most of all she comes up with some of the most creative ERP ideas and manages to keep a refreshingly open mind to your own suggestions ! :)


May 19, 2022

Carly was wonderful


May 13, 2022

Another wonderful session with Carly. I am feeling more confident with each session. She is very helpful and I’m very thankful for her.


Apr 11, 2022

Carly is always helpful and understanding. Each session gives me a boost of confidence and faith in my recovery.


Mar 17, 2022

Carly is so very helpful and with each session she introduces me to new strategies that I can try when I’m struggling with my OCD. I found that mindfulness, ERP and ACT are doing wonders.


Mar 07, 2022

I’m very happy that Carly is my therapist.


Mar 07, 2022

Carly is a wonderful listener and I feel like she understands me.


Feb 22, 2022

After each session with Carly I feel more confident and hopeful for recovery. Learning more about how ERP is done was very helpful.


Feb 10, 2022

Another wonderful session with Carly. She provides very helpful insight and feedback as well as materials. I’m excited to be starting ERP!


Feb 01, 2022

I really liked the therapist, she was very knowledgeable, kind and easy to talk to. I have high hopes for recovery.


Jan 23, 2022

Carly is awesome


Jan 19, 2022

Adore Carly!! She understands completely


Dec 23, 2021

Carly understands OCD very well and always is very clear and helpful with the steps we need to take to combat this OCD!

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