Melissa Cole

Licensed OCD Therapist, LPC

Rowan University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I have over 11 years of treatment experience, including my private practice, where I focus on helping first responders and other professionals deal with trauma. I've also helped people with crisis intervention and gave mental health care at an intensive outpatient program. My work has allowed me to handle any OCD subtype using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. I know OCD can make you feel hopeless, but you can use ERP to help make your days more manageable.


About Me

During ERP, you'll be exposed to situations that provoke your obsessive thoughts so you can work on stopping compulsive responses. ERP can sound uncomfortable at first, but I'll create a safe and controlled environment for you to work in, with my guided presence acting like a safety net that you can rely on. You'll find that once you stop depending on compulsions, life gets better. I find connecting with people very enjoyable. You'll find me to be genuine, using humor to help break the ice when it's needed. I show up as myself, in that I'm here not just as a therapist but as a person that wants to help, and I encourage people in my sessions to do the same. Let's work together to help you beat OCD.

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  • New Jersey

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