Nikki Schlundt

Nikki Schlundt

Licensed Therapist, LPC

Liberty University

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My experience with treating OCD:

Ever since I was younger, I’ve dealt with anxiety and the sense of dread that comes along with it. OCD is more than just anxiety, and I know that you are experiencing how it takes away the things you love the most. I became an OCD therapist to empower those with OCD, and I can do that with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. I’ve been practicing OCD therapy since 2015, and I know how well ERP works.


About Me

Intrusive thoughts don’t reflect who you are, and yet, they make you doubt yourself. Your OCD drains you by making you do compulsions to get rid of the thoughts, only to convince you that you need to give it more and more attention. The entire ordeal is exhausting. But I want to be there with you in the trenches. I want to walk alongside you as you make your way through this discomfort and into a more peaceful place. You’ll find me friendly and approachable, but also very honest and real. I want you to come into sessions feeling like you can share your thoughts, and to walk out of them without shame. Together, we’ll move you forward into a better place.

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