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OCD therapist Siddhi Patel, Licensed Therapist, Psy.D., Licensed OCD Therapist

Siddhi Patel

Licensed Therapist, Psy.D. • (She/Her)

University of Hartford

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been a licensed therapist for over 10 years. My private practice as a licensed psychologist has allowed me to treat many people with OCD, and my work as a college counselor has given me more experience with unique OCD cases. I believe in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, which I’ll use as a treatment during our sessions. ERP can do wonders for people that open up and put in the work. I’m happy that I get to provide this scientifically proven treatment to those that join me in my sessions.


About Me

People with OCD have persistent, unwanted thoughts that interrupt their lives every single day. It’s difficult to explain to family and friends what you’re going through, especially since much of what occurs takes place inside your mind. I’m here to help you turn things around. To accomplish this, I create a non-judgemental environment and focus on the steps you take to progress through treatment. Members often feel a validating and empathetic experience from my sessions. It’s part of my attempt to make you comfortable so that when the time comes to do uncomfortable things, you feel prepared before facing your fears. Together, we can build your confidence as you learn how to manage OCD on your own.

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Siddhi Patel


Apr 11, 2022

Dr Patel has shown excellent professionalism and makes me feel she truly cares !

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