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OCD therapist Adonna Weaver, Licensed Therapist, M.Ed, LPC-S, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Adonna Weaver


Licensed Therapist, M.Ed, LPC-S, NCC

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My approach to treating OCD with ERP (exposure response prevention) is grounded in collaboration, compassion, and evidence-based techniques. I work closely with individuals to develop a comprehensive understanding of their specific OCD symptoms and triggers. Together, we create a customized treatment plan that involves gradually exposing the person to feared thoughts or situations while refraining from engaging in compulsions, ultimately helping them build resilience and reduce anxiety over time. Outside of work, I find pleasure in community service, watching suspenseful and action-packed movies, listening to audiobooks, and nurturing connections with friends and family.

OCD can be extremely debilitating. Seeing members overcome their fears, reduce anxiety, and reclaim their day-to-day functioning is a constant reminder of the power of therapy and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Adonna Weaver


Jul 16, 2023

She is so patient with me!!!!

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