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OCD therapist Ricky Lau, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Ricky Lau

Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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I consider myself a strengths-based practitioner. I believe that every person has innate strengths, even if the individual cannot recognize it at the moment. Modern culture and social expectations can be very pathologizing. Instead of focusing on everything that is going wrong, I like to highlight and build on strengths that can create a foundation for someone’s recovery. You’ll be surprised how strong you can be! When I’m not working, I enjoy the outdoors. I love to go fishing, hiking, camping, and spending time with my daughter.

You may feel nervous about therapy, and that is completely normal! Remember that you took the time, effort, and courage to give yourself an opportunity for change. I’ll guide you through the process. We will be working on this together.

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What our members say about
Ricky Lau


Dec 04, 2023

NOCD therapy has been so helpful for my ROCD as I am navigating a major life transition (getting married). My therapist Ricky is so responsive when I message him in between sessions. He is kind and patient with me while keeping me on track to recovery. Ricky & NOCD have been life changing!


Oct 12, 2023

It went great.


Sep 27, 2023

I had a wonderful experience working with Ricky. He really listens when I just want to talk and mind dump. I relocated to a new state and will miss working with him! For those who are seeking the treatment they need and also need to talk, Ricky is your guy!


Sep 18, 2023

Great session. Ricky was easy to talk to.


Aug 16, 2023

He’s always super nice and his voice is very calming


Aug 03, 2023

He was super nice and did a good job calming me down


Jul 27, 2023

He was great and calming , excited to work with him !


Jul 11, 2023

Ricky is so patient, truly an amazing therapist


Jul 11, 2023

Ricky has been great! This session however seemed like he was trying to communicate we should not meet anymore and put that on decision on what I think best even though I still feel I need help and just started ERP. Just felt very discarded and lost now.


Jun 07, 2023

He is consistent in the treatment and helping me stay focused to build that habits that will lead to long term recovery.


Jun 07, 2023

Ricky is very thoughtful and patient. He explained the process very thoroughly. We are very happy with him


May 22, 2023

Ricky is truly the best. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, creative, and kind. He knows how to enhance my strengths and has really helped me with my OCD without enabling it or providing reassurance. I really appreciate the support and helpful resources he provides during and between sessions. I am so grateful for him.


Apr 14, 2023

I have rarely had a therapist know precisely what I am dealing with but also comprehend and remember a lot of information I threw at him; especially coming up with a game plan that seems to fit the issue better than expected. Super grateful!


Apr 06, 2023

We received a lot of helpful info for helping a family member with OCD.


Apr 06, 2023

Ricky came with me (virtually) to face one of my biggest fears today which is riding an elevator that is old and rickety. Together, we tackled the exercise, and cumulatively I was on the elevator for nearly half an hour. Ricky does not reassure me, but does uplift and encourage me that I can in fact sit with my anxiety without acting on my Compulsions. Ricky has changed my life in the best way


Mar 12, 2023

As always Ricky has been fantastic. He goes above and beyond to email me resources and strategize exposures outside of regular scheduled meetings as well.


Mar 06, 2023

I am so glad I found the NOCD ap and that I was paired with Ricky as my therapist. He is so compassionate, calm, centered, and knowledgeable. He knows how to support me without enabling me, and although we just started working together, I feel so hopeful and even excited to do ERP under his guidance


Mar 06, 2023

Already feeling the positive energy and vibes that it will all work and brighter days are ahead. Thank you, Ricky.


Feb 26, 2023

Ricky has been unbelievable. This is the first time in my life where I see light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot appreciate Ricky and the methods he uses more! Looking forward to continuing my treatment.


Feb 16, 2023

I felt like I was talking his ear off but he was so nice about it

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