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OCD therapist Sheena Donley, Licensed Therapy, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Sheena Donley


Licensed Therapy, LMHC

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ERP is a type of behavioral therapy that exposes people to situations that provoke their obsessions and the resulting distress while helping them prevent their compulsive responses. The ultimate goal of ERP is to free people from the cycle of obsessions and compulsions so they can live free from the grasp of OCD. It’s important to know that intrusive thoughts are just thoughts, and through treatment, you’ll learn to experience OCD thoughts without attaching any meaning to them. Members find me to be compassionate and empathetic. I love seeing people change and grow for the better, and ERP allows you or your child to do just that. I’m here to help anyone with OCD find their way to put their OCD challenges behind them.

I am so happy that you are here and that you decided to enter treatment through NOCD. This is such a big step, and it's the first one walking towards healing, and I can't wait to walk that journey with you.

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What our members say about
Sheena Donley


Mar 15, 2023

Thank you!!!


Dec 01, 2022

I really liked Sheena and I’m looking forward to getting to know her and her getting to know me :)


Nov 14, 2022

Sheena gives me SO much valuable guidance. She works diligently to keep our sessions on track without ignoring my questions or getting frustrated with my distractions. Sheena pushes me with her OCD knowledge and training, but also makes me feel heard and seen. Sheena challenges me with guided exposures that meet me "where I'm at" and gently erges me forward to higher gains. She has given me SO much incredible insight and her personal experience with OCD has proven invaluable. I feel very comfortable working with her and I am very confident in her skillset. She is one of the very best clinicians I have ever worked with. I was unable to afford OCD therapy in the past; I am eternally grateful you are employing therapists like Sheena.


Oct 04, 2022

Sheena was great and really made me feel comfortable sharing in such a short amount of time


Aug 26, 2022

I cannot say enough about Sheena! She is the best therapist I ever had and that’s a lot when you been in therapy since I was in middle school before that I was treating myself and I am 51 years young!!!


Jul 25, 2022

Grateful to be speaking with someone who has experience and knowledge. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Jun 30, 2022

She is so supportive no matter what crazy thought I throw at her. I feel confident in her knowledge of OCD and anxiety and hopeful in this treatment process.


Jun 03, 2022

The Therapist was so kind and empathetic!


Jun 02, 2022

I really appreciate the way Sheena sits with me as I try to navigate through intense feelings of anxiety. She really knows her stuff. I feel at ease knowing that I will be confronting my OCD with her alongside me!


Mar 09, 2022

Really enjoyed my therapist. She seems to “ get me.”😊


Jan 25, 2022

Sheena was understanding and easy to talk to.


Dec 30, 2021

Sheena is amazing 😭

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