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Jul 9, 2021

Cynthia has really explained how my OCD has trained my brain to repeat compulsions habitually. ERP makes more sense to me with the knowledge that I am retraining my brain not to habitually perform compulsions for comfort. Yea Cynthia!

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Cynthia McDade


Jul 2, 2021

I have been going to all different types of therapy my whole life and I've found nothing to be helpful. I have seen my nocd therapist 3 times and I feel like my whole life is about to change.

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Adam Herreid


Jul 9, 2021

I have had a few therapists and Heather is far and away the best. She may have saved my life.


Jul 8, 2021

The first appointment was great. The therapist connected us with McGrath . He was awesome and therapist was very nice and friendly. I can't wait for the next section !! 👍

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Tania Patrizio


Jul 12, 2021

Adriana Delgado helped me learn and apply this therapy. I feel great and have grown in my goals in life.I'm truly grateful for this company.

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Adriana Delgado
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