NOCD can help your child with OCD

Having a child with OCD may leave you unsure of how to help them. NOCD is here for you. We specialize in helping children manage OCD and parents navigate treatment.

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Match with a licensed therapist who's specifically trained to treat children, teens, and young adults
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Receive a custom treatment plan and work with a therapist through live video therapy sessions
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Message your therapist, use self-help tools, and participate in communities inside the NOCD platform between sessions

NOCD therapists are trained in ERP

Our licensed therapists specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the most effective OCD treatment. They are trained by some of the top OCD experts and researchers in the world.

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We treat kids, teens, and young adults with OCD

Our therapists are trained to appropriately treat OCD for all life stages from childhood through adulthood, because different age groups have different treatment needs.

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It was a relief to hear a therapistsay my daughter can lead asuccessful life...
Washington Post

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Get support and hear stories from parents of children with OCD.

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NOCD Therapy is affordable and covered by many insurance plans

We provide affordable options for treatment and accept many insurance plans, including UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Humana, many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and more.


You can get access to effective, specialized OCD care for your child sooner

It can be hard to find an OCD specialist who treats children and teens without a waitlist. At NOCD, your child can begin therapy within days on average through live video sessions. Online ERP has been found to be effective.

Read what real parents have to say about their child's experience with NOCD Therapy

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Jan 27, 2021

Went from terrified for my daughter to knowing it's going to be ok and she's in good hands with Jessica.


Jessica Deckert


Mar 18, 2021

My 11 year old has been TERRIFIED to start her OCD program but after meeting with her therapist for the first time her fears have eased. Terri was very knowledgeable and made my daughter feel safe.


Terri Brooks


May 14, 2021

She has great ideas & sends the info she promises quickly


Kelly Sansone


Jun 7, 2021

We had our first diagnostic meeting today with Kathy. It went great and Kathy was wonderful and helping to put my sons anxiety to rest. We are both looking forward to working with her!


Feb 8, 2021

Terri is extremely good at this!


Terri Brooks


Apr 16, 2021

She was extremely knowledgeable & experienced with Autism much to my happy surprise. I wasn't sure there would be a therapist with any experience in Autism


Tracie Howell


Mar 24, 2021

Tracie always is amazing therapist. She's a great addition to your team.


Tracie Howell


Jun 9, 2021

Thelma is great at picking out what it is on which we need to focus. She was also great at explaining how ERP works.


Thelma Rivera


Feb 18, 2021

Michelle ROCKS!!!!


May 7, 2021

Ms. Sekata was very patient and understanding.


May 18, 2021

Feeling really good about meeting my daughter's therapist and looking forward to getting started


Jul 1, 2021

I love Erin, my daughter's therapist. She's helping us figure out how to best tackle OCD.


Erin Ray
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