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Relationship OCD

Relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (R-OCD) is an OCD subtype that is characterized by ongoing intrusive thoughts and compulsive behavior around uncertainty of a relationship. People with R-OCD experience frequent doubting thoughts about one or more relationships (e.g., “Am I truly in love with my partner?”) in spite of little evidence supporting the need for these doubts. The doubting thoughts are often viewed as an indication that the relationship may be disingenuous or “flawed” in some way, which fuels anxiety about the relationship and drives sufferers to engage in various compulsions aimed at gaining certainty about their relationship status (e.g., asking for continual reassurance from a friend).

Common OCD Fears

Fears about being a rapist

OCD focused on the fear of rape involves repeated intrusive, obsessive thoughts involving rape that cause intense anxiety or distress.

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Fear of falling out of love

ROCD, a subcategory of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, can involve fears of falling out of love with one’s partner or potential partner.

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Why am I so scared of my partner leaving me?

If you're constantly, worrying about your partner leaving it may be a sign that you have a subtype of OCD known as Relationship OCD.

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Paternity Fears

Paternity fears in OCD involve unwanted intrusive, irrational thoughts which create doubt about the identity of the father of one’s child, from the perspective of any parent.

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Fear of Abandonment

The fear of abandonment in ROCD can include the fears of being unlovable, undesirable, or unworthy of love.

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Fear of Divorce

Fear of divorce, a subtype of Relationship OCD (ROCD) may include specific fears or worries about divorce.

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Fear of Cheating

Relationship OCD is a subtype of OCD. Cheating OCD is one manifestation of that subtype involving fears of cheating on a partner.

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