Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD treatment and therapy from NOCD

Regain your life, we'll show you the way

What you're experiencing doesn't have to be forever. We help you take the first step in seeking help for OCD and related conditions-and we cheer you on through the journey. See how we make the approach to treatment easy from the moment we welcome you in.


Match with a therapist who understands you

Plan on meeting for
2 sessions per week

First we focus on matching you.
Our intake team schedules you with the right therapist who specializes in treating OCD and related conditions.

Time to meet (virtually).
Over the next 2-3 sessions your therapist gets to know you and conducts a detailed assessment of your symptoms.

Prepare to meet your therapist

Get inside perspective.
Learn how OCD works in the brain, what patterns are common, and what might be happening.

Explore the how.
Gain deeper understanding of the OCD cycle and how treatments like ERP work best.


Together, you'll make a plan that feels right

Continue meeting for
2 sessions per week

Find your middle ground.
If you are diagnosed with OCD your therapist will hone in on intrusive thoughts, images and urges that bother you and your safety-seeking behaviors.

Learn about common OCD fears

Tackle your triggers.
Make a Fear & Response list to record what provokes your fears and how you respond.

Start with simple exposures.
Your therapist introduces exercises to trigger your fears in a controlled setting.

Learn more about exposures

Plan for prevention.
Together, list out behaviors that can help prevent compulsive responses to your fears and use tools for support on your own time, anytime.


Work closely on your personal treatment goals

Plan on meeting for
1-2 sessions per week

Get into the crux of it.
You and your therapist choose homework exposures, dive into treatment, and make adjustments along the way.

Then, practice on your own.
Once you've gone over exposures with your therapist, start to practice them between sessions and report back on how it's going.

See visible improvement.
Within a few short months, start to reach outcomes and take significant steps forward.

Get recognized, celebrate.
Great progress calls for recognition of your goals and achievements.

See the real success stories of our community


Maintain great progress once you've made strides

Plan on meeting for
monthly sessions

Decide next steps together.
You and your therapist celebrate your progress and slow your pace to fewer sessions. See your therapist just when you need to.

Find support on our app.
Practice your exposures when you're not in session with tools that help you daily.

Discover all the app offers

Get help when it's urgent.
If uninvited symptoms start to sneak up, our SOS offering has you covered in a crisis.

Count on our community.
Connect with others who have experienced what you did and can relate to where you're at

Check out the NOCD community

Stay connected, live better

As you open a new chapter in regaining your life, we continue to support you as you wind your way through everyday situations and surprises. We're here for you.