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Sexual/Gender OCD

Sexual orientation OCD (SO-OCD) is a subtype of OCD that is characterized by intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors around a person’s sexual orientation. It has been referred to as homosexual OCD (H-OCD); however, this term is increasingly discouraged due to its lack of sensitivity. People with SO-OCD experience intrusive thoughts and urges around denial of or confusion about their true sexual orientation. Someone with SO-OCD may experience fears around being perceived as having a certain sexual orientation, such as gay or straight. They might wonder if they have a sexual orientation other than the one they thought. They may fear they are in denial of their “true” sexual orientation. Or, they might fear that their sexual orientation could abruptly change (e.g., “turn” gay or straight) and what this change will mean for their life. (Will they have to leave their family? Will their relationship end when they discover they are not who they think they are?)

Common OCD Fears

Fears about magical impregnation

Magical impregnation fears in OCD involve concerns about getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant despite lack of sexual intercourse.

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Fears about Polygamy

If you’re experiencing recurrent intrusive fears about intentionally or unintentionally engaging in acts of polygamy, it may be OCD.

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What if I’m really a child predator?

If you’re experiencing recurrent intrusive thoughts involving a worry or fear that you could be a child predator, it may be a sign of OCD.

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I can’t stop thinking about molesting a child family member

If you're experiencing thoughts about molesting a child family member, it may be a sign that you have OCD.

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Fear of Child Sexual Assault

If you’re having intrusive thoughts or images of child sexual assault, it may be a sign that you have POCD, a subtype of OCD.

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Fear of getting Pregnant

Accidental Impregnation OCD involves a fear of getting pregnant or causing a pregnancy despite taking all precautions.

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Fear of being Transgender

Trans OCD, fear of being transgender, causes people to fixate and obsess on any thoughts or feelings that cause doubt about gender identity.

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Fear of becoming a pedophile

If you have obsessive fear of becoming a pedophile or rapist, it may be a sign that you have Pedophilia OCD or POCD.

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Fear of Incest

Incest OCD involves intrusive and unwanted sexual thoughts, images, or urges about family members that cause distress or anxiety, as well as compulsions to manage or eliminate this anxiety.

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Fear of Sexual Perversion

Fear of sexual perversion, common in OCD, is recurrent unwanted thoughts/images pertaining to sexual behaviors outside of societal norms.

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Fear of Being Gay

Homosexual OCD includes having obsessions surrounding the uncertainty of attraction or potential attraction to people of the same gender.

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Fear of Being Straight

It can be Straight OCD if you don't identify as heterosexual, but experience intrusive thoughts about attraction towards the opposite gender.

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