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Sensorimotor OCD

Sensorimotor OCD, also known as Somatic OCD, is a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that involves a fixation on bodily sensations or autonomic (involuntary) bodily functions. These obsessions with physical sensations or bodily processes often become very distressing or overwhelming. More common examples include obsessions about breathing, blinking, swallowing, one’s heart rate, or posture, but any physical sensation or process can become the subject of Sensorimotor/Somatic obsessions. Common compulsions may involve counting one’s actions, checking one’s sensations, repeatedly researching physical feelings or processes, or adhering to rigid “rules” about breathing or blinking, for example.

Common OCD Fears

I’m constantly counting my steps. Is it OCD?

You’re not enjoying the counting—it’s distracting, and it makes you feel tense. It feels impossible to stop, but it's not. Here's what you can do.
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Is sensorimotor OCD the same as somatic OCD?

Yes—these two terms are interchangeable. This subtype of OCD can become completely debilitating, and is often difficult to identify.
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I can’t stop paying attention to my swallowing. What’s going on?

These symptoms can be a sign of two different but related mental health conditions—both of which are highly treatable.
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Fears about staring

Somatic OCD fear of staring involves fears about staring excessively at things or people, often at body parts of others.
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Fears about chewing

If you’re experiencing obsessions about how you chew, including a hyperawareness of how you are chewing, or recurring fears about your chewing or swallowing, this could be a sign of OCD.
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Fear of proximity

OCD fear of proximity involves uncomfortable reactions to proxemics such as obsessive worries focused on proximity or space to others.
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Fears or Worries about Breathing

Somatic OCD, a subtype of OCD, causes anxiety and fear related to non-conscious functions within the body such as fear of breathing.
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Fears about swallowing

With fear of swallowing OCD, the sufferer experiences a hyperfocus on the mechanics of swallowing or other sensations related to eating food.
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Fears or Worries about Blinking

Blinking OCD, a sensorimotor obsession in OCD, is an obsessive or intrusive fixation on blinking or sensations around the eyes.
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