Sara  Anderson

Sara Anderson

Licensed Therapist, LPC • (She/Her)

Winthrop University, Walden University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been a licensed therapist for over 3 years, and specialize in the treatment of OCD. Most of my experience has been gained working at a community health center where I treated anxiety, trauma, and depression, with additional work in private practice. By using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy techniques, we’ll work together to meet your goals. ERP can be challenging, but with me as your guide, I think you’ll find this proven technique to be incredibly effective.


About Me

My treatment style is a collaborative approach that puts you and your goals at the center of our sessions. ERP asks you to confront your fears so you can learn to accept and overcome them, but I also preach being in the present moment. Anxiety is worrying about the future, while depression is linked to your past experiences. The practice of mindfulness allows you to naturally decrease distress levels, while ERP tools are there for you throughout your lifetime. I’m here to listen to your story, so I can help you along your road to recovery. You’ll find me to be understanding and non-judgemental, giving you a comfortable space to work in. If you’re invested in getting better, I will be there to guide you through so you can experience more joy and control in your life.

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