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Responsibility OCD

Responsibility OCD is characterized by ongoing intrusive thoughts, images or urges, and compulsive physical and/or mental behaviors around a person’s sense of responsibility for other people and animals around them.

Common OCD Fears

Fear of being late

People experiencing Responsibility OCD fear of being late are likely to feel intense worry about their actions negatively impacting others.

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Fears about being a narcissist

Fear of being a narcissist in OCD is characterized by intrusive thoughts/images related to displaying the behaviors of a narcissist.

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Fear of losing things

Fears and obsessions related to losing things are associated with the Responsibility subtype of OCD. This is often associated with the fear of losing things that are extremely important.

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Fears about saying the wrong thing

Repetitive fear about saying the wrong thing may be a sign of OCD, in which a person obsessively worries about saying something inappropriate.

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Fears about Psychosis

If you have overwhelming fears of psychosis, “going crazy,” or “losing your mind,” you may be suffering from a form of Responsibility OCD.

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Fear of Overlooking Something Vital

If you have a consistent nagging feeling as though you are overlooking something vital, it may be a presentation Responsibility OCD.

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