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Religious OCD

Religious or scrupulosity obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an OCD subtype characterized by ongoing intrusive thoughts, images or urges, as well as compulsive behaviors or mental actions around violating a religious, moral or ethical belief. People with religious or scrupulosity OCD experience frequent worry and guilt about violating a religious or ethical code and what it means about them as a person (e.g., “Did I allow myself to have an “impure” thought in church? Does it mean that I’m a sinner and must repent?”). The guilt and anxiety drive these people to engage in various compulsions aimed to alleviate their distress (e.g., confessing to a religious figure).

Common OCD Fears

Atheism Scrupulosity

Scrupulosity OCD centered on Atheism involves fears and doubts about whether there might be a higher power.

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Fear of Magical Thinking

People with fear of magical thinking OCD think they have the power to prevent something bad from happening by performing a certain behaviors.

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Christianity OCD Fears

Christianity OCD is a theme within Scrupulosity OCD, the main obsessive thoughts or doubts involve Christian beliefs.

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Islamic OCD Fears

Islamic OCD involves fears about not being a perfect Muslim, or offending or speaking blasphemy against Muslim one's faith.

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Judaism Scrupulosity

Judaism-related Scrupulosity OCD involves fears that one is not following the laws set forth by one’s Rabbi or Jewish scripture, knowingly or unknowingly.

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