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Perfectionistic OCD

Perfectionism, also known as Just Right OCD,  is one of the most common ways obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is portrayed in movies and on television. A character with OCD is typically oversimplified and shown as constantly arranging items until they’re perfectly aligned, and may be called a “neat freak.” Outside of the media, we’ve also colloquially developed stereotypical phrasing for someone who is extraordinarily clean and organized, dubbing them “so OCD."

Common OCD Fears

Fears or obsessions about symmetry

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with a focus on symmetry involves anxiety and discomfort when things are not symmetrical or balanced.

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Fears or obsessions about walking

Fears and obsessions related to walking, associated with Just Right/Perfectionism OCD, involve fears of not walking perfectly or correctly.

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Fear of Rain

If you’re experiencing recurring fears about rain such as acid rain, germs in rain, floods, or other dangers, it may be OCD.

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Why do I randomly start counting in my head?

If you’re concerned about repeatedly counting in your head, it may be a sign that you have OCD related to counting.

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Fear of Asymmetry

OCD fear of asymmetry with an excessive focus on 90-degree angles involves worries or a perceived need for things to be in perfect alignment.

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Fear of Color

Perfectionistic OCD can involve anything, including colors. This theme is characterized by obsessions and compulsions to have colors feel or look “just right,” exactly the same, or “perfect” in different areas of their lives.

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Writing OCD Fears

Perfectionism and writing OCD fears deal with concerns about writing things perfectly or in a highly specific manner.

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Fear of disorder

Excessive fear of disorder, making mistakes and recurrent doubts you are doing something correctly are common in ordering OCD.

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Fear of Speaking

Fear of speaking OCD, associated with the Perfectionism/Just Right OCD, deals with fear of not speaking perfectly in social situations.

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