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Existential OCD

Existential obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a subtype of OCD characterized by ongoing intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors related to a preoccupation with philosophical questions about life and existence. Anyone can be curious about the nature of reality, but for people with existential OCD, these thoughts are not primarily a source of curiosity or interest but rather intense anxiety.

Common OCD Fears

What can cause an existential crisis? A therapist’s view

Exploring the underlying causes of an existential crisis can help us gain insight into the psychological and philosophical factors that shape our lives.
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Fear of death: Is it OCD, thanatophobia, or something else?

Is fear of death OCD, thanatophobia or something else? Learn about the differences, treatment options, and gain a personal perspective.
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Fears about being adopted in OCD

Fears about being adopted and persistent distressing doubts about one’s origin of birth in OCD are related to the subtype of Existential OCD.
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Fear of depersonalization

People with OCD may fear that a wide range of unusual or uncomfortable sensations are a sign of depersonalization
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Fears about reincarnation

People with OCD fear of reincarnation experience obsessions related to reincarnation and the possibility of prior lives.
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Fears related to dreams

People with fear of dreaming (Dream OCD) experience obsessions about the content, meaning, or importance of their dreams.
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Fears about the afterlife

People with OCD fear of afterlife experience obsessions and compulsions related to what happens to us after we die.
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