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The effectiveness of NOCD's ERP therapy was validated in the largest peer-reviewed study of OCD treatment ever.

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All of our therapists receive graduate-level, specialized training in OCD and ERP therapy.

We offer personalized treatment

NOCD therapists are trained to treat people across diverse identities, backgrounds, and ages.

How it works

How it works

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All of our therapists are personally trained by our team of OCD experts. It's what sets us apart.

We do ERP differently

Peer-reviewed research shows that virtual ERP therapy and in-app support between sessions can lead to meaningful results twice as fast as standard ERP Therapy.

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NOCD Therapy is effective for around 90% of our members

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I wasn't expecting NOCD to be so in-depth. It's not just a “don't do this” type of deal. I have learned the root and motive behind my triggers and why my brain is thinking the way it does, which has allowed me to face my triggers more confidently just by having awareness. My therapist is very thought-through in the way she handles things and has helped me tackle OCD in a way I didn't know could be done. NOCD has given me back the part of my life that OCD tried to steal.


Jun 18, 2024

I found NOCD after a debilitating struggle with contamination OCD that was consuming my life, causing severe anxiety, and even bringing my marriage to the brink. It was to the point where I was literally afraid of my own skin; I was constantly washing my hands, cleaning everything over and over, having panic attacks, etc. I had a long and difficult search for therapists who accepted my insurance and whose practice was based in ERP (the gold standard, according to research), so it came as an incredible relief when I finally discovered NOCD. I was paired with Neil and saw him for about 7 months. I think my therapy may have lasted longer than most because it was particularly severe. We began with more frequent sessions that eventually tapered down to once every couple of weeks. At first, I was scared of the concept of facing my triggers, but we started with easier steps, and I later worked my way up to the bigger ones. I was genuinely amazed by the progress I made thanks to Neil and NOCD. I'm writing this one year after I completed my therapy, and I am still doing amazingly well! I will always have OCD because it's a lifelong condition, but it no longer interferes with my life or causes me much anxiety. It's like night and day.


Jun 25, 2024

I was really at the lowest point in my life before I started NOCD. I had been through several therapists and psychiatrist providers who just didn't seem to "get it." I had to leave nursing school and my part-time job because my obsessions were consuming every second of my day and I was paralyzed by fear. I didn't think things would ever get better. But from the first day I met with my NOCD therapist, Bonnie, I felt just a bit of comfort knowing I wasn't alone. Each session got a bit more comfortable, and while there were definitely some ups and downs during therapy, I felt like a significant weight was removed from me after I completed my sessions. Looking back now, almost three years later, I truly don't know what I would have done without NOCD. Thank you to Bonnie and the NOCD team for helping me through my recovery journey!


May 16, 2024

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