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Our licensed therapists specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the most effective OCD treatment. They are all trained by top OCD experts and researchers who have designed some of the world's leading OCD treatment programs. Check out our directory to find the right OCD specialist near you.

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Our therapists understand all subtypes of OCD

NOCD Therapists create custom treatment plans based on your OCD themes. See a NOCD Therapist by booking a free call.

OCD isn't a joke or personality quirk

OCD is recognized by everyone, but understood by few. Howie Mandel and NOCD have teamed up to change that.

Howie Mandel, NOCD Partner
NOCD supports iOS, Android, and Desktop. You can communicate using text, voice, and live video using our apps.

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NOCD Therapy is delivered on the NOCD platform, available now on iOS and Android.

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NOCD in the News:

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We treat kids, teens, and young adults with OCD

Our therapists are trained to appropriately treat OCD for all life stages from childhood through adulthood, because different age groups have different treatment needs.

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We offer OCD therapy for kids, teens, and young adults

You’re not alone in your journey with OCD

OCD can feel really isolating. We want to highlight real members of the OCD community sharing their experience, so that no one feels alone.

We offer OCD therapy for kids, teens, and young adults