Easier OCD treatment for everyone

Effective OCD therapy can be hard to find and harder to understand. We’ll help you connect with a therapist, stick to your treatment plan, and get reliable support.


The most effective tools, made easy

  • Use self-help tools anytime, anywhere
  • Select your symptoms and make a plan that's right for you
  • Learn about OCD and therapy in just a few minutes
  • Do evidence-based, intuitive ERP exercises

With NOCD I'm training my brain to live with uncertainty, and creating good habits to replace the unhelpful ones


Ask questions, get answers, share your story

  • Don't go through it alone. Get help from the largest and most compassionate community for people with OCD
  • Ask about symptoms, self-care, and anything else: learn from real experience, not just Google
  • Discuss specific types of symptoms with people who get it

Being able to hear others speak about their OCD journey is very comforting and gives me hope


Respond effectively to sudden episodes

  • Resist compulsions and respond effectively whenever your obsessions show up
  • Learn how to tolerate discomfort and stop using your time and energy to avoid it
  • Center yourself with helpful messages throughout the episode – you're not alone!

Before, I always would have used compulsions. But SOS helps me take a step back and respond differently. I can already feel myself getting better at avoiding my compulsions!


Start working with an OCD-trained therapist today

  • Receive a video-based diagnostic assessment with a licensed mental health professional who specializes in OCD
  • Complete one-on-one video therapy sessions with your therapist, using the most effective form of OCD treatment
  • Get support between appointments by messaging with your therapist

We're here to connect people with licensed mental health professionals who can help them respond to their thoughts in a better way

Ted Faneuff, LMSW, NOCD Pro