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What Does It Mean To Be an OCD Conqueror?

May 15, 20245 minute read

Every step forward in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment is a triumph, and at NOCD, we have the privilege of witnessing the profound transformations that these steps can lead to. We also see the depth of effort that goes into these life-changing outcomes, which is why we believe it’s essential to acknowledge when our Members make significant strides in therapy.

That’s why we proudly give the title of “OCD Conqueror” to NOCD Members who have seen meaningful improvements in their OCD symptoms.

Whether you’ve received this title yourself or seen others in the NOCD Community who have, you may have had some questions about what it meant. To answer those questions, I wanted to share what it means to be an OCD Conqueror, when someone becomes one, and what happens after reaching this milestone.

What makes an OCD Conqueror

If you are an OCD Conqueror, it means you’ve achieved a meaningful improvement in your OCD symptoms. This improvement is measured by the results you achieve on the assessments you do every few weeks here at NOCD. You are the one who reports to us how much your life has changed due to the effects of the NOCD Therapy that you’re powering through.

When you have two assessments in a row that indicate a 35% or greater reduction in OCD symptoms, you become an OCD Conqueror. This does not mean you’re finished with treatment—in fact, you may feel there is a lot more to do! What it does mean is that you have experienced a level of improvement recognized in the scientific community as a significant change from how things were before you started treatment.

It also means you’ve started to figure out how to conquer OCD—not by trying to fight it face-on and prove it wrong, but by doing response prevention, learning to no longer pay attention to intrusive thoughts and images and urges, and starting to live the life you want to live, not the life that OCD wants you to live.

Becoming an OCD Conqueror is not an ending or a destination; it’s an important milestone and a valuable step forward in your journey. The Conqueror title is intended to be a reminder of your dedication and the strides you’ve made, both in NOCD Therapy and in your life.

Even if you’re struggling, your progress is worthy of recognition

You’ve become a Conqueror because of your courage, strength, and resilience. Receiving this title does not mean that every day has to be perfect from now on, or that you have to be perfect. Becoming a Conqueror is representative of your growth. And being a Conqueror doesn’t mean you’ll never have challenges—what it means is that you now have the skills to better manage OCD.

Difficult days can still happen because they happen to all of us. OCD is a chronic condition that ebbs and flows, and life is full of unexpected events. But there’s nothing that can negate this milestone or take away the tools you’ve gained for managing OCD—these are lifelong skills.

Even if you don’t see your growth and progress right now, you’ll probably start to notice it over time, as you begin to do things you weren’t able to do before treatment and it becomes clearer that OCD is no longer in control of your life.

What happens after becoming an OCD Conqueror

“So what’s next?” you may ask. “Conquering OCD” is an ongoing process that will have its ups and downs. Managing OCD is a continuation of your therapy journey, so your timeline will continue to be unique to you. But you’ve demonstrated your ability to get through any of life’s ups and downs by reaching this point, so we know that you’re prepared to keep moving forward through anything that might come your way.

Looking ahead, we hope that you’ll be able to better manage OCD in everyday life. Flare-ups will likely become far less problematic because you’ve gained the skills to navigate them. Because of this, we hope you’ll continue to meet with your therapist to help you stay better—even if it’s just for a 30-minute check-in every three months—but that decision is absolutely up to you.

And so is every other decision. In the past, OCD likely tried to limit your capacity to make choices, but now that you’re learning to manage it, you have the freedom to choose your path. There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for you. 

We know that at first, our OCD Conquerors may feel hesitant to accept this next chapter because it’s new and uncertain, which is why our therapists make sure to have that discussion as a part of the treatment process. We hope you’ll take their words to heart, allow yourself to explore the choices available to you, and enjoy the changes you notice as you do.

Our congratulations and best wishes

For those who hold the title of OCD Conqueror—we want to say congratulations! We hope you will accept your title, as well as the badge for your NOCD profile, and “wear” them both proudly. We believe in your continued strength and want to acknowledge your successes. Please remember that we’re always here for you, both to recognize your accomplishments and to lend support in the times you may need it.

For those who are newly on their treatment journey—we see you, too, and we’re here for you. We also recognize your progress and strength, and we hope to guide you to a path toward conquering OCD.

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