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By Stephen Smith

Jun 17, 20223 minute read

As NOCD has grown over the past few years, my team and I have spent considerable time searching the internet for feedback about NOCD Therapy, our OCD-specific telehealth service, in the hopes of continuously learning how it’s impacting people in the community. 

While going through this process, we also noticed the number of prospective NOCD Therapy members doing the same: people are searching the internet high and low to find information about NOCD Therapy, to see if they should sign up or not. It felt like a pretty cumbersome experience for such an important decision. 

For many products and services today, you can easily go to places like Google, Amazon, or Yelp to read reviews about their quality; whereas for virtual-first mental health services (including ours), you have to sift through company marketing materials and seemingly dozens of sites just to see what people really have to say about them. 

We need to change that. We need to give people seeking help an easy way to see a completely transparent snapshot of what virtual therapy services are like in one central location. Then, people seeking help should be empowered to sign up or not based on real feedback, company responses to feedback, and peer-reviewed clinical research. 

This will allow people needing help to make a completely informed decision about treatment before starting, and it also will allow virtual therapy service providers to get comprehensive feedback about the care they are offering much faster. Sometimes the feedback will be productive, and other times it will give us an opportunity to respond and address misunderstandings or inaccurate information. With all feedback though, companies like NOCD can learn quickly to “pivot or persevere” accordingly, creating a dynamic that ultimately best benefits the people who are seeking care long-term. 

To take action, given our company’s member-first and extreme ownership values, NOCD has taken a stance to put all unfiltered feedback that we receive on our website in our reviews section.

Our hope is that people in the OCD community can get a transparent view of NOCD Therapy in one location, and we also hope to more quickly and easily learn from feedback. Knowing what does and doesn’t work is the only way for us to ensure that we can drive high-quality outcomes long-term. Our team is in it for the long haul, since we are composed of people with OCD, numerous providers who have served the OCD community for decades, and friends and supporters of both groups. 

You can see all NOCD Therapy reviews here.  

If you are a NOCD Therapy member, we encourage you to share your experience with the rest of the community, and we welcome all reviews. 

If you have questions or feedback that you’d like to share with me personally, please feel free to contact me directly at stephen@nocdhelp.com. I try to answer all emails. 

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