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The integrated experience, a new approach to exposure and response prevention therapy

By Tina Taratutin-Chung

Feb 06, 20233 minute read

We just released two new features on the NOCD platform to enhance the NOCD Therapy experience: Fear and Response List and Homework

As a leader in specialized teletherapy, NOCD is continually evolving our treatment program with the goal of providing the most effective, integrated care available to people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD). Our latest update provides NOCD Therapy members with new ways to work directly with their therapists on exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy. People doing ERP therapy with a NOCD Therapist can now collaborate with their therapist in several new ways: 

  • Organizing fears, triggers, compulsions, and feared outcomes in a list that can be updated in real time
  • Practicing exposures while connecting with therapists directly so they can make adjustments as needed
  • Creating tools to help them trigger specific fears 
  • Documenting response prevention tips to encourage them along the way

With the launch of these features, NOCD brings members and therapists together, allowing them to collaborate closely at every stage of the treatment process. As a member begins therapy with our licensed and specialty-trained therapists, the Fear and Response List provides a way for them to organize their fears and familiarize themselves with their responses. Members can update this list in real time and their therapist will be looped in automatically.  

Practicing exposures is a critical part of the OCD treatment and recovery journey. With Homework, NOCD Therapists are able to craft exposures in collaboration with therapy members to meet them where they are—even when they’re not in therapy sessions. 

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When practicing exposures, members can effectively track progress independently, and send messages to their therapist as they go. As members progress through their exercises between sessions, therapists can adjust their exposures as needed. Convenience is key, as exposures can be practiced at any time and in any place—with the new Homework feature, all therapy tools and response prevention messages will be in one place, accessible to members in their pockets.

Fear and Response List

Watch this video to learn more about how the new Fear and Response List allows NOCD Therapists and therapy members collaborate closely at every stage of the treatment journey:


This video demonstrates how the new Homework tool puts everything NOCD Therapy Members need to stay on track between therapy sessions in the palm of their hands:

Our mission is to help anyone with OCD find effective care and treatment so that they can learn to manage this chronic condition and live a productive, meaningful life, uninhibited by OCD. By consistently building state-of-the-art therapy tools in the NOCD App, we hope to give everyone with OCD the best possible chance at relief. Keep an eye out for more new features as we strive to better serve the OCD community!

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