A Time for Unity: A Message from Dr. Patrick McGrath

By Patrick McGrath, PhD2 min read
Community is Strength

Hello NOCD Community,

NOCD is a community of individuals with OCD who support each other through their OCD challenges. Sometimes OCD can be influenced by events that are occurring in our world, in our country, and in our communities. This is surely one of those times.

We are all mourning the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, among too many others who have been victimized, marginalized, or murdered because of the color of their skin.

The NOCD community is your place to be open about your fears or concerns. We appreciate the support that you give each other. We want our community to continue to be a safe place where you can talk about how you and your OCD are affected by what is happening in the world, and we hope that you will continue to make the community a welcoming and affirming place for all.

Just as it may be difficult to understand how people have different types of OCD, people also have different life experiences that make them more sensitive and vulnerable to the tragedies of the world. We are not here to judge; we are here to listen.

Know that any derogatory speech on the community will not be tolerated. It is just not what we are about, and it does not make us better to put others down. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we have the problems in our world that we have – when one person looks at another person as “less than.” We hope that no one will look at any of us as “less than” because we have OCD, and we will not tolerate it for other reasons either.

NOCD is here as a forum of support for the OCD community, and that community hurts when other communities hurt. We stand with the black community. So, let us support each other in these times and use the compassion and understanding of our commonality – our OCD – as a model for helping others find solidarity in being a part of the entire human race. 

Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D.
Head of Clinical Services, NOCD

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Patrick McGrath, PhD
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