Joe Cook

Joe Cook

Licensed Therapist, LMHC

Marist College

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been a licensed therapist since 2014, with a Master’s Degree in mental health counseling, and post-graduate training in ERP therapy. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy is the best way that I can help people with OCD because no other OCD therapy compares to it. It can be difficult in the beginning, but ERP is an immensely effective therapy that works with any OCD subtype.


About Me

You may be experiencing thoughts that are difficult to control. They feel intrusive, like they’re pushing their way into your life. You may have even tried to create a ritual or new behavior to neutralize the anxiety caused by these thoughts, but they only work temporarily. I’m passionate about helping you with your OCD, because I know I can make a difference in your life. People have said that they enjoy feeling heard, seen, and understood when they do a session with me. They also acknowledge my clarity in communication, which is key to teaching you how to address your OCD. I’ve always found helping others to be a strong family value, and I want to help you regain control of your life.

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Joe Cook


Jul 27, 2021

Thank you!


Oct 26, 2021

Joe came into my life at my lowest point and it couldn’t have been at a better time! There was a period of time where I was unable to undergo treatment with Joe because of another medical treatment I had been/am receiving, but thankfully once we were given the approval to pick up where we left off and move forward with ERP therapy; Joe was happy to reconnect and start the process. I couldn’t be happier nor more thankful for Joe and therapy sessions with him. I truly have 100% trust in him and faith in the process. To anyone interested in a NOCD therapist and moving forward with ERP; I strongly recommend considering Joe and highly recommend reaching out! I truly thank him for being apart of the reason why I am at today in completely to where I once was.

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