OCD therapist Milka Lara-Rincon, Licensed Therapist, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Milka Lara-Rincon

Licensed Therapist, LMFT • (She/Her)

University of California at San Diego, California State University at Bakersfield

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’m going on 2 years as a licensed therapist, working closely with people battling OCD within an inpatient facility and outpatient clinic. I’ve treated many different types of cases beyond OCD, including depression, trauma, and substance abuse. I’m big on educating members about their OCD and what Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) means for their recovery. ERP is evidence-based, proven to work, and allows you to see tangible results as you go from session to session.


About Me

My passion to help people overcome their unique mental health challenges has only grown stronger since I first became interested in becoming a therapist. When you begin treatment with me, I’ll meet you where you’re at. If you’re not ready to talk about certain things, we’ll go at your pace. If you’re ready to jump in and fully open up, I’m prepared to start ERP right away. However you want to approach sessions, you’ll be met with a safe and non-judgemental space to work in. I describe my style as comprehensive, eclectic, and caring. I look at everything in your life, from who you are and what you’re going through to your surrounding environment, so I can see what could be impacting your OCD. There’s hope in getting better. I’m here to help you get there.

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