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OCD therapist Rex Perkins, Licensed Therapist, LICSW, MSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Rex Perkins


Licensed Therapist, LICSW, MSW

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I have always been very good at motivating other people. I've enjoyed working with a variety of members from different backgrounds and cultures: people struggling with gender identity, sexual identity, and religious identity, for example.

I know what it's like to deal with OCD. I know how much time it takes up, how it makes you feel about yourself. My experience helps me empathize with people who have OCD, and I help empower them to improve themselves

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What our members say about
Rex Perkins


Oct 04, 2022

My therapist helped me Starr having normal showers again. They were always at least an hour long before, but often times 2 or 3, which would occur several times a day. Now my record is 11 minutes and 52 seconds :) I feel like I am finally getting my life back! I still have a long way to go, but I never thought this was possible! Thank you, Rex, for helping me along my journey to recovery


Aug 29, 2022

Rex seems like a very nice guy. However it did not seem like he could remain focused and at times reviewed obsessions that were not mine. In addition he seemed focused on something else, and also had a hard time remembering what we had discussed.


Aug 23, 2022

I get very anxious at night and have a lot of trouble sleeping. Due to this, I accidentally slept through one of my sessions. My therapist didn't make me feel ashamed or uncomfortable and rescheduled me quickly for the next day. He also gave me the homework of recognizing that I'm human, which I really appreciated. Feeling like someone is on my team during this process has helped me stick with therapy and not give up. I've often given up on traditional, in person, therapy of embarrassment from not being able to make my appointments. It has been worlds easier online and with a kind therapist.


Aug 01, 2022

This is the best therapist I've ever had. I've never made so much progress with my OCD before


Jul 28, 2022

Rex is great! I feel comfortable and relaxed speaking and working with him.


Jul 26, 2022

He really helped me understanding why some people don’t understand my feelings. But he understood and told me why they didn’t.


Jul 26, 2022

My therapist is great! I've made a surprising amount of progress. Things are getting a little easier :)


Jul 07, 2022

Another fantastic and super helpful session! I'm feeling ready to tackle my next compulsion!


Jul 05, 2022

My therapist is great. He helped me a lot with a hard issue I had been dealing with and still made sure we were able to discuss my OCD specific issues as well. He seems to genuinely care about helping people which has made the sometimes difficult (but very worth it) process of going through ERP a lot easier. Being able to trust what my therapist says makes facing the fears a lot less scary


Jun 30, 2022

Rex could relate to my 10 year old really well and made him feel like he understood exactly what he was going through.


Jun 30, 2022

Such a compassionate and helpful therapist!


Jun 29, 2022

I felt like I had the courage to finally try and tackle a compulsion


Jun 27, 2022

Rex was very compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable


Jun 23, 2022

My therapist always has great insight and seems to really want to help me recover


Jun 20, 2022

That were fantastic. Super caring, professional, and felt like a really genuine type of person. I'm excited for my next session


Jun 17, 2022

Rex is a great therapist. The best care I’ve ever received for ocd treatment. Can also tell Rex really cares about his patients and truly wants to help. 10/10


May 24, 2022

Rex was great. I definitely got the sense that we were going to tackle my issues with a set plan. Makes me feel at ease. Looking forward to tackling and managing ocd once and for all

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