OCD therapist Tanya White, Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW), Licensed OCD Therapist

Tanya White

Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW) • (She/Her)

Memorial University of Newfoundland

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My experience with treating OCD:

With 18 years of experience working with the palliative, veteran, and neurodiverse populations, I’ve now received specialized training to help people of any age overcome their OCD. My experience extends to treating anxiety disorders, trauma, and grief. To treat your OCD, I will use Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy. ERP has been well researched and highly effective, which is why it is considered the gold standard for treating OCD. Using ERP, we are able to measure your progress together and celebrate each success as you learn to manage your OCD and improve the quality of your life.


About Me

I have always felt that social work was my calling. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to help others; as a result, I have found myself drawn to counseling positions. My interest in OCD stems from my personal experience of raising sons with the disorder. I have witnessed firsthand the challenges OCD can present in limiting an individual’s ability to live life to the fullest. My role as your therapist is to build a therapeutic alliance with you built on trust, where we will work collaboratively to move through the discomfort that OCD creates. I offer a strength-based perspective that encourages a sense of empowerment and confidence to take steps forward. By taking a series of steps forward together, we will be able to see meaningful improvement.

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