Judy Nemmers

Licensed OCD Therapist, LISW

University of Iowa

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My experience with treating OCD:

At age 24, my daughter began to struggle with OCD severely. As a therapist, this was a critical turning point for me, and I consulted with a colleague who introduced me to Exposure and Response Prevention. From that firsthand experience, I’ve seen how ERP can help improve people's lives, not just as a therapist for over fifteen years, but also on a personal level. I take the treatment of OCD very seriously.


About Me

Learning how to manage intrusive thoughts is a step-by-step process, making ERP the perfect treatment for it. I know how difficult it is to pull yourself away from the OCD monster that puts those intrusive thoughts into your head. But know that your thoughts are not reflective of who you are. I create a neutral, non-judgment space for you to work in; that's important to me. I like to share a lot about myself and my personal experiences. Yes, I have special training in ERP, but you're certainly the expert on your life. Together, we can change your world so you can conquer it freely and with happiness.

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