Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD treatment and therapy from NOCD
NOCD Support Groups

Online support groups for OCD

Join us to meet others who are on a similar OCD journey, share your personal story, and learn ways to overcome challenges related to OCD. There's no cost to participate.

Support groups are hosted on Zoom and led by a NOCD therapist.

Who's leading the session

Support groups are led by licensed therapists specialty-trained in OCD

NOCD therapists deeply understand all OCD themes and will cultivate a supportive environment and judgement-free zone during each group meeting.

OCD therapy from Caryn Gill, LPC

Caryn Gill, LPC

Director of Clinical Advancement

OCD therapy from Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Regional Clinical Director

OCD therapy from Mia Nuñez, PhD

Mia Nuñez, PhD

Regional Clinical Director