Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my data protected?

Yes all of the data is protected in an encrypted AWS server. nOCD LLC has a BAA with Amazon Web Services.

2. Can anyone see my personal health information besides me?

No one can see any of your personal health information unless you choose to share your data.

3. Does nOCD incorporate clinically proven therapy?

Yes, nOCD incorporates both Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) and Mindfulness Therapy.

4.What is "SOS"?

SOS is a function which enables you to practice ERP in the moment of an OCD episode.

5. What is a “YBOCS Test”?

The YBOCS Test is a function that helps you rate your OCD distress level.

6. What are “Hierarchies”?

Hierarchies is a function that helps you organize your OCD Triggers and Exposures.

7. What are “nOCD Exercises”?

nOCD Exercises help you practice ERP in a structured environment, giving you all of the tools needed to beat OCD.

8. What is “Plan”?

Plan is a function that helps you follow your OCD treatment plan by organizing custom exercises.

9. What is “Progress”?

Progress is a function which enables you to view all of your OCD and exercise data.

10. What is “Profile”?

Profile is a function that helps you customize your nOCD experience, enabling you to accept uncertainty and conquer your OCD.

11. What are “Compulsion Prevention Messages”?

Compulsion Prevention Messages train you to accept the uncertainty behind your obsession while doing ERP.

12. What is “Account”?

Account is a function that helps you manage your nOCD experience.

13. What is your FDA Status?

nOCD is exempt by the FDA.

14. Where do I go if I have a technical difficulty?

If you have a technical difficulty, email