App provides therapy on-the-go for people with OCD

May 16, 2016

It's estimated that one in 40 people worldwide experience some symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. For one local college student, those OCD symptoms overtook his life. Pomona College junior Stephen Smith, 22, created something that helped him and others as well. The app, nOCD, is therapy on the go.

New app designed to help people deal with OCD

April 05, 2016

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition affecting millions of people in the U.S. Sufferers have uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts and behaviors. It can interfere with school, work and home life. Best friends Stephen Michael Smith and Daniel Greenfeld developed a new app called nOCD to help those with OCD.

Trinity friends build an app to manage obsessive compulsive disorder and allow sufferers to live more life

April 05, 2016

As a Trinity undergrad, Stephen Smith ’12-’14 outwardly appeared to have it all. He was a stellar student, majoring in economics and minoring in Chinese. He was the quarterback of the football team and enjoyed an active social life. Smith seemed to be “living the life,” but privately, things were a different story.

Young Entrepreneur Creates App to Help People with OCD

March 27, 2016

Northbrook native Stephen Smith launches nOCD, a wearable and mobile app, to help OCD patients.

Northbrook native launches app to help OCD patients

March 23, 2016

It was 2014, and Northbrook native Stephen Smith had just been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and was frustrated with the lack of resources available to assist in his treatment....Smith's experience sent him on a mission to help other OCD patients in treatment. He and his business partner, Daniel Greenfeld of Denver, recently launched nOCD, a mobile app that Smith believes would have helped him during the worst of his struggles.

Denver Entrepreneur Creates App to Help Those with OCD

March 23, 2016

Nearly two years ago, Denverite Daniel Greenfeld received a call from a friend who had obsessive-compulsive disorder. Stephen Smith was tired of spending nine to 10 hours a day in his room, consumed by fear. His anxiety was disrupting his life, but he refused to succumb to his panic. He had an idea for a possible solution—but needed Greenfeld’s help.This week, that idea debuted as an iPhone app called nOCD, which provides support for those facing OCD and uses exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy to combat their symptoms.

NSCDS alumnus makes app for people with OCD

March 14, 2016

Northbrook native and North Shore Country Day alumni Stephen Michael Smith has created nOCD, a mobile app for people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Stephen Michael Smith '17 Crafts App to Help Fight OCD

March 03, 2016

Since 2014, Smith has been working with a pair of college friends to come up with a mobile app he believes would have helped him during the worst of his struggles and will help others with OCD. Called nOCD, the app records real-time biometric data, tracks what kind of episodes are happening, offers guided cognitive behavioral exercises, keeps users accountable to staying on track with their treatment, and allows doctors to log-in, access these reports and offer customized treatment for their patients. The app was just launched in Apple’s App Store.

nOCD App Launch

March 01, 2016

We are excited to announce the soft launching of a new app, nOCD which debuted on February 20, 2016. Developed to bridge the gap between the patient and mental health practitioners, nOCD offers customized on-the-go ERP guidance, real-time objective data, platforms to manage and engage in a structured ERP plan and yes, it has HIPAA regulated connectivity.